Merry Christmas!!!

The Dogwood chapter members met this month at Virginia's lovely home for a pot luck dinner.  The food spread was pretty impressive and the desserts - yummy!!!

It was such a relaxing evening of good food and fellowship.

The evening ended with a drawing for the Wee Care prize basket.  Members got a "chance" put in the basket for each gown turned in this year.  With a total of 55 gowns turned in by 13 of our members, it was anyone's guess who would win!

Wendy couldn't have been any more excited about winning the basket!!!

Everyone will be watching to see what she will be making in 2017 with her new patterns and such.

2016 has been a wonderful year!  Merry Christmas to everyone!!!  

Thankful That We Have Been So Busy!!!

The Dogwood chapter has had a busy couple of months!

The October meeting was presented by Helene Cox.  It was chock full of valuable information about needles - both hand sewing needles as well as sewing machine needles.  Of course, with needle information, thread information is also needed.  Helene brought many samples of various stitch outs using the different threads and needles so that members could see the difference.  We are so thankful for our members that are willing to share their knowledge and our ability to learn from each other!

In October Cindy Foose came and did a fabulous workshop for the guild.  Students enjoyed the facility at MaryJo's fabric store's classroom - lots of space for sewing and cutting, excellent lighting, and of course, shopping possibilities!!!

Students enjoyed 3 days of learning all kinds of tips from Cindy and getting plenty of hands on help and advice.

The November meeting was well attended and lots of Show and Share items were brought in for everyone to see and enjoy.   Gail presented a program talking about the different Artisan programs that SAGA has to offer and shared her experience with the guild.  She had samples from her Artisan classes as well as samples from other members that have participated.  It was an informative program and it was interesting to see all that goes into participating in this valuable program that SAGA offers.

It's so nice to be able to get up close and check out every detail of the garments that are brought in.  Of course, having the seamstress there to answer questions is always wonderful!

Busy Christmas sewing happening!!!  These 3 outfits were completed and at the Nov. meeting!  Pretty impressive to be done so early.  :)

Of course, stitching talent isn't limited to sewing and smocking, this gorgeous hardanger picture was brought in.  There are many, many hours of stitching in this beautiful piece of art!

We also enjoyed seeing several quilts that were brought in!  What a group of talented ladies we have in the guild!!!

The hand embroidery on this Wee Care gown is absolutely stunning!!!  What a blessing this will be to a family!

As you can see, it has been a busy couple months.  It seems everyone has been busy stitching something!  

We're looking forward to our Christmas gathering in December and some delicious food and fellowship.

Wee Care Thank You!!!!

This blog post is dedicated to the ladies in the guild that have been so gracious and giving to the Wee Care project for the last couple years.  As the gowns are being readied and packaged to send off to Camp LeJeune, it is obvious that women have gone above and beyond just a "requirement" and have donated some of the most beautiful gowns!  While it would be lovely to highlight each one, that would make a VERY long blog post and be very time consuming.  So, an overview will be shared instead.

At the September meeting, Kathy presented an opportunity to team up with Teeny Tears and sew diapers to co-ordinate with the smaller gowns.  Information was provided on what their requirements are and members were enthusiastic about participating and making the diapers as well.  This is not required and Kathy indicated that she would make diapers to go with the little gowns that are turned in without diapers.  Because a request had come in from Camp LeJeune, Kathy made diapers to go with this shipment.

23 smocked gowns, 2 smocked bonnets and 20 diaper sets will be mailed to Camp LeJeune and many families blessed during a most difficult time in their lives.

In addition to the diaper opportunity, Kathy also presented the idea of improving the presentation of the gowns that are sent.  Rather than shipping in zip lock bags,  it was proposed that organza bags could hold the gowns and look like a gift to the families.  The overall presentation is so much prettier.  All members present agreed with this proposal, so the purchased were made and gowns repackaged.

The new packaging also required new size tag identification, so these were made, printed and attached to the drawstrings of the bags.   Cards from Teeny Tears were also printed, cut and inserted between the 2 diapers (one for the baby to wear and one for a keepsake).

Members have given much of their time and talent to complete these beautiful items for our military.  The smocked bonnet was made using a design that Karin Eveland shared on the SAGA Facebook page.  It seems to be just right for the size 1 - 2 lb. gowns.

The ladies of Dogwood have been exceptionally creative with their gown donations.  Gowns have had beautiful hem treatments with pintucks, lace shaping, shell stitched tucks, featherstitching and both hand as well as machine embroidery at the hem of the gowns as well as beautiful lace added to some of the gowns.  Buttons or snaps have been sewn to the back and embellished with beautiful embroidered flowers.  Neckbands have been embellished with featherstitching.  The list goes on and on.

There has also been some creative and beautiful unisex color combinations.  A light lime green has been paired with yellow accents.  Gray smocking with peach accents is another unisex color combination.  Light turquoise and yellow is another.  

So far this year we've had 12 of our 30 members donate a total of 37 gowns - each one as pretty as the next!!!  Dogwood members - you've outdone yourselves!!!  Many families will be blessed by your beautiful stitching.  Thank you for carrying on this wonderful project and giving of your time and talent!

For members that are still working on their gowns for this year, remember that there will be a drawing for a goodie basket at our December gathering.  November will be the last month that your gown can be turned in to count for the drawing.  Each gown equals 1 chance in the drawing.  Included in the goodie basket is a couple sewing for children books (with patterns), fabric, gently used Children's Corner patterns, a tailor's press, etc.  Definitely some goodies that would be useful!  Don't miss out on the opportunity to win this basket!  It will be an early Christmas present to the winner!!!

Picture Smocking and Other News...

The Dogwood chapter met on August 4, 2016.  Members enjoyed a program on picture smocking. Kathy Dykstra gave a detailed power point presentation that went through the process of needed supplies, preparations and graph differences and then demonstrated for members to see how to stitch straight and full cable stitches.  Members got plenty of tips and hopefully will be ready to start a picture smocking project.  Kathy shared many of the resources, both old and new, as well as encouraged members to make use of SAGA's resources online.

Kathy had lots of pictures of her picture smocking for members to enjoy.

Many members brought in show and share items.  It was wonderful to see the variety of sewing projects that members have been working on.

We are looking forward to a new project for our September meeting - we will be starting on a smocked purse that has been designed and sewn by our member Rebecca.  She will be leading the program and giving instructions to complete this purse.

Plan to come to the September meeting and start on this purse!  We will be meeting on September 1 at 7pm.  

Stitching Through the Summer

The Dogwood chapter met on July 14th and members worked on the necktie needlebooks that will be used as table favors for the next workshop.  It was a fun project and Connie and her team did a great job and provided members with a fabulous selection of ties to choose from.  Hopefully there will be pictures of all the different ties chosen and completed after our next meeting.  :)

The August program will be on Picture Smocking and will be given by Kathy Dykstra.  This will be a presentation and demonstration with plenty of tips on how get better results as you tackle picture smocking.

Plan to come and have your questions answered!  Bring along a notebook and a pen to take notes - there is sure to be some tips that you'll want to remember.

As always, we encourage everyone attending (both members as well as guests) to bring along "show and share" items and we'll have a table set up with a clean, white table cloth to display these items.  We love to see what everyone is working on, even if it isn't complete.  It doesn't have to be smocking but can be any needle art!  To boost participation, we have a surprise gift bag that we'd like to give to someone.  Everyone that brings a show and share item will have their name put in the "hat" for a chance to win!!! 

Looking forward to seeing members and guests on August 4th!  Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Wonderful Workshop!!!

The Dogwood chapter had a wonderful workshop with Phyllis Brown on June 24 - 25.  Attendees worked on a sweet diaper shirt on Friday and worked on a Drawn Thread Notebook class as well as a cute baby boy bonnet on Saturday.

Phyllis taught beginners as well as seasoned stitchers at the workshop.  Everyone learned some new techniques and improved their embroidery skills.  As always, Phyllis has the best little surprises in the packaging of her kits.  Isn't this the cutest needle and button package!!!  It's like getting a gift with your supplies!  :)

Phyllis offered excellent instruction and also was also able to provide hands on help for everyone.  Under her watchful eye, students were able to fine tune their skills.

With all these smiles, you know that students were enjoying the class!!!

Students hard at work!

At the Friday workshop, when the group broke for lunch, they were surprised with an unexpected visit from Kelli Fox (SAGA treasurer) who was in town for a few days.  She updated members on some of the news and changes happening at the national level and provided an opportunity for members to ask questions and get answers.  It was great to see her and visit for a short time!  A big thank you to Kelli for her efforts at SAGA as well as for taking time out of your schedule to visit our chapter!!!

Those who missed this workshop will be hearing rave reviews at the upcoming meeting.  Perhaps we'll even see some finished projects in months to come.


What do needlebooks and men's ties have in common???  Come to the July meeting of the
Dogwood chapter (Thursday, July 14th at 7pm) and you can find out.  Members will be working on putting together some needlebooks to use as table favors for the October workshop. 

Aren't these adorable!!!  You'll be able to work on these and then will have the information needed to create more of these for yourself or as gifts for your other stitching friends.  Connie and her team have worked hard to put together what we need for this program.  She will be sharing her tips for creating these and avoiding any pitfalls.  You won't want to miss this meeting!  Supply lists will be sent out to members prior to the meeting.

If you're a guest that plans to attend and would like to work on these as well, feel free to contact us and we'll be sure to get a supply list to you as well.  

As you can see, there's lots going on with the Dogwood chapter and we are looking forward to more quality programs from our Education committee.  They have worked hard this year to organize programs and workshops and we've all benefited from their efforts!  Thank you to all those members!!!