Trish Smith Workshop with Dogwood SAGA - April 26 & 27

Wonderful 2 days of learning new sewing techniques while making a gorgeous bodice dress designed by Trisha Smith. Lots of combinations of colors, fabrics and trims in kits for all to select.  Extra kits were sold.  And the Sewing Room of Rosa Smith, one of our members, is a bright organized DREAM of a place to create and design and sew.  Establishing new friendships and sharing with each other was wonderful. 

Adorable Bullion Bunny Layette

This sweet gown and matching blanket were created by Beth Sartori for Wee Care. 

Fabric Challenge Completed:
Building off the techniques she taught at the January meeting, Kathy Dykstra created a fabric challenge that members completed on April 4.  This challenge, "Entredeaux to Embroidered Edge" (we spend our creativity on the project, not the title!) was simply any design or finished item, that used an embroidered-embellished entredeaux on the edge.  See how we did!

Fabric Challenge 2.0 - the Sequel

The Dogwood Chapter recently completed its second fabric challenge:  "Something Small". The idea was to create something small enough to fit in the display case we use at the library during National Smocking Month in February. Chapter members had three months to make as many items as they wished - including finishing any works in progress. There were just a few rules for this challenge: 1) Must be small enough to fit on the shelf in the display case; and 2) Something you can part with from November to March!

Once again, members demonstrated their creativity and resourcefulness as they shared items such as bonnets, bibs, burp cloths, socks, blankets, beaded onesies, diaper shirts, diaper covers, and an Easter egg ornament. 

As before, all who completed  the challenge were entered into a drawing for a great gift card to a local sewing supply store and a box of buttons.  

Thank you to Kathy D. and Susan S. for coming up with another fun challenge! And of course, big thanks to all members who participated in this event.
The next challenge will be announced at the January meeting...we hope even more members will be able to participate!

Baxter Mill Archive Field Trip

What a fascinating and fortunate experience!  The SAGA Dogwood Chapter, joined by the Charlotte Quilters Guild, the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild and the Embroiders Guild of America, spent a wonderful April morning at the world renowned Baxter Mill Archive in Rock Hill, SC, where they encountered a 100+ year archive of fabrics from around the world.

From their website: "The Baxter Mill Archive is a collection of over 500,000 antique fabric swatches, hand-painted artwork, and books. The antique documents have come to us from all four corners of the world, many dating back to the early 1800s. In March of 2017, we acquired the Ilene Danchig Documentary Textile Collection based in New York City, adding over 100,000 diverse pieces to our design library. This addition makes the Baxter Mill Archive one of the most expansive, unique, and invaluable textile and art archives in the world.

"For years, our in-house designers have been utilizing the Baxter Mill Archive every day to support internal creative needs. Now we invite designers and businesses of all industries to unlock the archive’s history and centuries of design for inspiration to suite their design styles and projects.

The group had a great time and felt lucky to get this inside glimps into this fabulous collection of design history. Thank you to Helene Cox for planning, organizing and making such a special event happen!