Wee Care Workshop/Sewing Skill Building Saturdays

Kathy Dykstra, SAGA approved teacher, will be leading several skill building workshops over the next few months.  The focus will be on mastering heirloom sewing techniques while working on Wee Care *** gowns.  This is a unique opportunity that you won't want to miss.  Consider taking a couple hours away from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and enjoy a morning with other sewing enthusiasts.  The workshop location is convenient to shopping in the Charlotte area, so you can enjoy lunch at nearby restaurants and spend the afternoon doing a bit of seasonal shopping!   Call it a girls day out!

The first workshop will be held in the training classroom at the Keller Williams building (3430 Toringdon Way, Suite 101, Charlotte, NC) from 9am - 12pm on Saturday, Dec. 6th.   All participants will be working on a Wee Care gown.  This first workshop will cover cutting out, mastering tiny French seams, pleating and bias bands. Participants will complete as much of the gown sewing as time permits.  Gowns will then be finished and smocked at home.

These workshops are open to anyone in the community that wishes to learn and/or improve their heirloom sewing techniques (basic sewing knowledge required!).  All techniques learned can be used in other heirloom sewing. For SAGA Dogwood chapter members (must have paid local and national membership with current ID#) the workshop is offered at no cost.  For SAGA members (current SAGA ID#) that are not members of the Dogwood chapter, the workshop will cost $10.  For all other participants, the cost will be $20.  Reservations are REQUIRED for this workshop for planning purposes as well as to allow entrance into the (locked) building on Saturday morning.  Once you’ve made your reservation, you will receive an email with the list of supplies needed for the workshop.

***What is Wee Care???  Wee Care gowns are a project that the Smocking Arts Guild of America has adopted this as a service project many years ago.  All chapters participate in the making of these gowns.  Wee care gowns are tiny, smocked gowns that are donated to hospitals for families to use for the unexpected loss of their baby. The burial gowns are made in tiny sizes (1-2 lb., 3-4 lb. & 5-6 lb.) and are a special gown for these precious babies.  The guild has stitched and provided these gowns for many years – it is such a worthwhile cause.  Below is a beautiful example of one of the gowns.

Future workshops will include techniques such as lace shaping, pintucks, flat lace application, etc. – depending on the interest level.  These workshops will offer many options to embellish the gowns while learning/mastering techniques.  Having the gown put together, as will be done in the first workshop, will enable participants to further embellish the gowns at these future workshops.  This is an exciting opportunity for anyone desiring to improve their heirloom sewing skills from as well as learn new ones while providing sweet gowns for the Wee Care project in our community. Non-SAGA members can choose to donate these gowns themselves, return them to the Dogwood chapter for donation, or keep them for future reference.

Plan to invite your sewing friends or make new ones at this workshop!

To make your reservation for the workshop, please email Kathy at kathy-dykstra@carolina.rr.com no later than Nov. 30, 2014.  

More Wee Care Gowns

We are so thankful to have members committed to completing Wee Care gowns for grieving families.  Three more beautiful little gowns have been turned in.  These gowns are lovingly created and each member offers her own special touch to the gowns.

The creative use of tucks to the sleeve of the boy gown combined with the weaving of the thread through the stitching is not only functional in drawing in the fullness of the sleeves, but is a lovely designer touch to the gown.

Thank you for your efforts to continue this special ministry.  Families are blessed by your efforts as they walk through a most difficult time.  

There will be kits available at the December meeting for anyone that would like to participate in our Wee Care gown project.   Both kits with pre-pleated gowns as well as kits that just include supplies (these gowns will need to be cut, pleated, smocked, etc. from the beginning) will be available.  If you would like a kit prior to the December meeting, please contact Kathy at kathy-dykstra@carolina.rr.com.  Thank you everyone!

See you November 6

See you at our next meeting,  Nov 6, at 7pm at the Keller Williams office.  Program planned for November is smocked sampler pillow.

At each meeting, Wee Care gown kits (gowns already cut-out and pleated, ready to smock) are availalbe for members to stitch. Come be part of this special community service - these gowns meet a very special need for the parents faced with the loss of their babies.

November is our last meeting until after the New Year. Our December holiday social will be hosted by Sharon - details will be emailed to members.

Upcoming June meeting - Wee Care mini Workshop

The Dogwood chapter will be meeting again on June 5th at 7pm at the Keller Williams office.  We will be continuing our work on the Wee Care gowns in an effort to have some larger size gowns on hand.  Please plan to bring sewing machines and basic sewing supplies to the meeting.  The gowns are cut out and many are partially completed.  Hopefully we will get several of them finished up and ready to smock at the meeting.  These meet a very special need for the parents that are grieving the loss of their babies.

If you have any blue or pink Imperial batiste on hand that you'd like to donate for the Wee Care gowns, please bring them to the meeting where they will be put to good use.         

Happy Stitching!

Lattice Smocking....

The May meeting of the Dogwood Chapter of SAGA will feature a program on lattice smocking. If you'd like to participate in stitching a sample of the lattice smocking, please bring an 8.5" x 8.5" square of suitable fabric (silk dupini or a similar weight fabric) marked on the wrong side with a 1/2" grid of dots.  Leave a 1" border around the outside of the fabric so that you have something to hold on to while working the stitches.  Also bring along regular weight sewing thread (not lightweight) or quilting thread and a needle of your preference.  Here's a sample of what we will be doing.

We will meet at 7pm. on May 1st at the Keller Williams Realty Offices, 3430 Toringdon Way, Suite 101, Charlotte, NC.  The doors will be locked for safety, so you can either call or text 704-400-5290 or 704-650-1835 and someone will come to the door and let you in.

Happy stitching......


Featherstitching Fun.....

The Dogwood chapter met this month and Virginia Martin demonstrated featherstitching along with different versions of the stitch while members practiced the technique.  For several members, this was their first attempt at trying the featherstitch.  We look forward to seeing how the stitch will be used in future projects!

The April meeting of the Dogwood chapter will be at 7pm on April 3rd.  The program will be on unusual fabric manipulation techniques used to create different smocking stitches.  This will be another informative and interesting program.  Members are asked to bring along any items that may have different stitches/techniques used to create any unusual stitches.

Until then, happy stitching.....

National Smocking Month

The Dogwood guild is celebrating National Smocking Month by putting up a display of a variety of smocked items at the South County Regional Library.  Once again, Beth Sartori has outdone herself and created a beautiful display in the small space available and has been able to show a variety of smocked items.

Thank you for the pictures and for setting up such a lovely display Beth!  The display showcases everything from a smocked fish ornament in organza to infant outfits, bonnets and doll clothes!  Beautiful!

The next meeting of the Dogwood SAGA Chapter will be held on March 6th at 7pm at the Keller Williams Realty Offices, 3430 Toringdon Way,  Suite 101, Charlotte, NC.   We will be learning the featherstitch.  Please bring along any samples you may have of this lovely stitch.  If you want to practice/learn this stitch, bring along a small piece of fabric, floss, scissors, needles (your basic supplies).  

We welcome visitors to our meetings and welcome new faces.  For safety reasons the doors to the building are locked, but when you arrive, please call or text 704-400-5290 or 704-650-1835 and someone will come and let you in.

Happy Stitching......