Summer Stitching

The June meeting of the Dogwood chapter consisted of working on UFO's (UnFinished Objects) as well as an extended time of show and share.  Several members brought in Wee Care gowns that they had been working on and members shared ideas for finishing touches that could be used on both these gowns as well as other garments.

Show and Share time continued this discussion of techniques and finished that members have used on garments and the garments were passed around so that members could examine and ask questions.

It was just the kind of enjoyable summer meeting that was casual and relaxing while being informative.

Members are looking forward to a workshop with our own Phyllis Brown this weekend!  We ought to have plenty to share at our July meeting.  Hope to see everyone there!

Enjoy your summer stitching time!

Lots Of Wee Care Gowns!!!

We've had several members diligently working on Wee Care gowns.  Many have been turned in recently.  Each one is as precious as the next!  Here's some of the member's handiwork:

Gail has finished up 2 gowns - the first gown has beads in the smocking and a nice touch to the hem, weaving ribbon through the stitching.

The second gown is a sweet pink dress.  She used the shell stitch to add an lovely hem treatment on this dress.

Marcy has turned in a gown and it also includes the sweet floss woven through the hem.

Chris has turned in 2 gowns as well - how nice that one is for a boy and the other for a girl.

Connie's gown is as sweet as can be!

We can always count on some special embroidery touches from Beth.

Kathy has finished 2 gowns as well.  The picture smocking design for a little boy is precious.

As you can see, the new year is off to a strong start!  I'm sure that we'll be seeing more lovely gowns soon!!!

Workshop Saturday

On Saturday, April 16th, a few of the members of the Dogwood chapter gathered to work on their Wee Care gowns.  Pictured are Renee, Sharon, Chris, Janice, Helene, Marcy, Gail and Wendy!  Looks like a fun time was had and members were able to get the help they needed on their gowns.

The next meeting of the Dogwood chapter will be on May 5th at 7pm.  Please join us!

Programs News

The coming months bring new programs and workshops for the Dogwood guild.  Members will be kept busy with new techniques, some crafty things as well as a little more smocking as we enter the spring and summer season.

The April meeting will be held on Thursday, April 7th at 7pm at our usual location in the Keller Williams Ballentyne offices.  Renee will be doing a demonstration of Shark's Teeth, also known as Prairie Points.  If you'd like to participate and try your hand at this unusual technique, please bring the following supplies:

Glue stick, paper scissors, a clear plastic ruler (18") and a wash out, fine tip marker or a pencil.

Wondering what this technique looks like or how to use it?  Susan Stewart, a SAGA teacher, has some beautiful patterns (as shown below) and examples of how to use shark's teeth to embellish both children's as well as adult clothing.  Her samples are beautiful.  This pattern can be purchased at her website - just click on the link.

The May program for the chapter will focus on making table favors for the upcoming workshop with Phyllis Brown, our own member as well as SAGA teacher, on June 24 - 25.  Here's a sneak peek at what we'll be working on that evening - an adorable little thread catcher!  You'll probably want to make one of these for yourself as well.  They are very portable and perfect companions for when you travel.

In July we'll plan to sit back and stitch while we visit with each other, so bring along your UFO's (UnFinished Objects) that you have sitting around.  Wee Care gowns are a welcome UFO as well - many of our members are working on those.

Going forward to August, we'll enjoy a talk/demonstration of picture smocking given by Kathy.  If you've always had questions about picture smocking, this is the program for you.

Our hope is that these programs will inspire you and encourage both members as well as visitors to come and see what we're doing.  As always, everyone is encouraged to bring finished needlework projects along to show at the meeting.  It is always so motivating to see the beautiful projects that others have completed.

Saturday Wee Care workshops are planned for April 16 and May 21st.  Members are encouraged to come and participate in these workshops.  The gowns are worked on, help is available for members that may have questions about finishing the gowns.  Plan to bring your machine, supplies and gowns to work on.  If your gown is sewn and you wish to sit and smock it, bring your handwork - everyone is welcome!

Our next workshop is coming up soon - as previously mentioned - with Phyllis Brown.  She will be teaching on June 24 - 25.  You won't want to miss this opportunity to take a class for such a talented teacher.  Her embroidery is beautiful.  One of our classes will be on this beautiful diaper shirt.

As you can see - there's a lot going on and we have a lot to offer.  Fun, friendship and stitching - it doesn't get any better than that.  We hope to see you soon!

Pleating perfection......

The Dogwood chapter met this month and were delighted to have Gail Benson, the Education Committee Chairperson, demonstrate proper pleating with a variety of fabrics.

You can see that there was a captive audience watching as Gail demonstrated!

Gail covered:

  • The Basic of  Pleaters (similarities and differences)
  • Determining which side of your fabric to feed 'up' into your pleater (right vs. wrong)
  • Threads to use for pleating
  • Fabrics that can be pleated
  • Pleating Narrow strips
  • Pleating checks
  • Pleating Stripes  

  • How's this for a perfectly pleated piece of gingham!!!

    We were delighted to have 2 new members join our guild and another guest.  Our goal this year is to foster new smockers, pleaters, sewing enthusiasts and encourage those who have sewn or smocked in the past to come together to join us as we create new and beautiful designs for our friends and family.  We will encourage you wherever you determine to start, beginner, intermediate or a returning grandmother now ready to sew for the new babies in your family.

    The April meeting we will enjoy having Renee Infinger demonstrating Shark's Teeth.  Plan to join us for another exciting and informative meeting.

    Bonnets, bonnets and more bonnets!

    The Dogwood Guild in Charlotte, NC gathered for the February meeting to talk about the history of the bonnet, constructing a smocked bonnet and the styles of bonnets. Bonnets have been enjoyed for years, both as protection from the sun as well as a beautiful addition to a special outfit.

    Beautiful bonnets and hats were displayed.  After a brief talk on the history of bonnets, members were given time to briefly talk about the bonnets that they brought in for display.  A nice variety of bonnets were shown including a silk hat from the 1920’s, a ribbon and lace baby t-bonnet,  some smocked bonnets with matching bishop dresses, and a NC & SC State Fair Prize Winning Bonnet made by Janice Stokes - one of her first heirloom sewing projects.  A small premie Wee Care smocked bonnet for a 2 lb. baby captured the group as we realized how small a 2 lb. baby truly is.

    The hat display, including ladies hats from the 50's and a fedora:

    The silk bonnet from the 1920's

    Janice modeled her cute cap

    Janice's award winning smocked bonnet

    Ribbon and lace t-bonnet

    Heirloom baby bonnet

    Bishops and bonnets

    Easter bonnets

    Preemie bonnet for 1 - 2 lb. baby

    The Easter bonnet was made popular by Irving Berlin whose Easter parade in New York City became a festive party and a parade that drew millions in the past.  

    Members brought in photos of themselves as children, brides with hats, and we had a contest guessing game of who was who in the photo.  The winner, Renee, won a beautiful cameo needle from Farmhouse Fabrics.